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Haudenosaunee Designs for Modern Times

Industry professionals practicing industry standard designs through a Haudenosaunee lens.

Our work is rooted in Haudenosaunee culture.  We are lucky to have worked alone side some of our Confederacy’s most knowledgeable people to produce language resource materials for students of all ages.  We specialize in Mohawk & Cayuga language resource material development but will tackle any creative project you have.


At any given time, we're working towards delivering our best. Lucky for us, you encourage us to do better!

Graphic Design

Whether it’s print media or digital media, good graphic design sets the foundation for good end product.

Video & Audio

Commercials, webinars, weddings, conferences, and even online fundraising marathons – it all starts with an idea.


Photography and Graphic Design go hand-in-hand.  Sometimes it’s the photo that inspires the content.

The only difference between me & you is that I made more mistakes


From There to Here

Everything is graphic design!  Well maybe not everything but, most likely something you looked at today, a graphic designer was there.

In this photo, a father walks his daughter down the isle to her awaiting fiance.  Loving families on either side share their special day.

You can not offer graphic design without having request upon request for custom apparel.  We do custom apparel!

Thank you for your visit, contact us when you're ready!

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